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This is a great page, Sarah. Very nicely done. Love the songs from the new CD!
I could subscribe.
Sarah You know your music brings back such wonderful memories of my youth. I remember you singing to Meredith and me when I would spend the night as a child. And, of course my wedding... thank you for those memories. Your music, your voice warms my heart :) ~megan
Love your web page. I keep telling Jeff we need to make it to one of your events. Listening to your voice brings back such happy memories!
Hello, i read your site, this a best site from me, thanks!
Your new page is really nice! I especially like the music playing as I read. I thought of you today when I was strolling in a meadow (much like the one in your photo) and saw Katydid climbing up a plant. Thanks again for all that you do for Camp Nuhop and for the music that we all enjoy so much!
I've enjoyed your music for years. Look forward to seeing you again. We live in the Centerburg area and my father of 81 years has just recently come to live with us. So keep me on the mailing list and I'm sure we'll be out to see you in the future. P.S. Timing has the best juxtaposition of mental imagery that I've ever come across.
Heard of you via Local Roots. Lovely music! Plan to come back and listen to more...
Hi! It's a rainy Saturday night and trying to learn more about the internet. Enjoyed your song "The Circle of Hands." Hope all is well with you and Larry. Went to see Aunt Ruth a couple weeks ago...happy to see us. Take care and see you in July. Tom and Kay
Beautiful site for a beautiful woman! I love your meadows full of wild flowers.
Hey, nice stuff! I really like it :-) best wishes http://www.eventim.co.uk/
Hi! I'm Melissa Neal's Dad in Chillicothe. Wow! What beautiful music! See you at Meredith's wdding. Steve
Good Stuff! The Word King Songs For Bands & Artist www.TheWordKing.com
It was so good to see you again at Cain Park and to meet Lisa. We both enjoyed the concert and dinner.
Nice site!
We would love to hear the songs from Magic Pockets again! Did google search for you and we found this page. Can you upload your old songs? Thanks! Sarah and Robyn
Sarah, I love the new layout, love your music, love the pictures too! Great one of you and Larry. Hope to see you over the holidays! Love, Val
LOVE the pictures.. And I really like your website... See you soon Karen
Sarah, I enjoyed meeting you at OAPN and seeing your father's Christmas Cards - you should include them on your website! Hope you will come to Virginia to see us!
Sarah, Wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your performance in Huron.
Sarah, I am so sorry I missed you when you were in Clifton at The Lodge. I don't know what happened but the date came and went! I hope to catch you somewhere soon...and still have you in the back of my mind for my retreats sometime in the future. Let me know if you ever want a getaway at Prairie Pond Woods for some songwriting time. Enjoying the CD you sent. Cindy Heart By Nature Retreats at Prairie Pond Woods
So you are the one who sang the song "Fireflies" on SillyBooks? Just one thing to say, AWESOME!
Sarah, I'm excited that you will be playing the Leo Coffeehouse this spring with Richard and Bob. I'm hoping to catch that live show! I've listened to your CD many times in the car on my way to showcases and gigs! My favorite is that one about the praying mantis. Infectious! Love, Roberta of Raison D'Etre
Hi, Sarah, I'm looking forward to hearing you on 7 Dec in Mansfield. I help Mark Hersman with the flyers for coffeehouses, and am also a published poet. I'm pleased to see the 7 Dec event on your web page, though you might want to tweak it to Twisted Fig Tea Room, which is its proper name. I'm looking forward to hearing you at Sip's, too. Thanks, Carolyn
HiAunt Sarah, Mimi misses you. We were trying to find Silly Songs so we could listen to Firefly and Mimi couldn't find it. HELP ME!!!! LOVE, LIV
Hi Sarah, Love the new site and can't wait to get the CD. Love and miss you.....you look great!
Dear Ms. Reed, I came across your site looking for articles on the Cleveland Orchestra at Google. The MV News story on your album came up, and I was especially intrigued by the reference to the song in memory of your father. I grew up in Euclid, Ohio, and went to a number of Cleveland Orchestra concerts when I was in my late teens. One of the most memorable was the concert of December 31, 1977, when the concert began with Stravinsky's Octet for Winds (under Andrew Davis's direction). I'll never forget the joy of that performance, and the playing of your father and principal flute Maurice Sharp was a highlight. So I was especially moved to listen to "Like the Light of the Moon." Very slightly, I knew the magic of his bassoon too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memory and the music that it inspired. RK
Dearest Sarah- It's Sunday and we are enjoying your CD: it's lovely! Love-K&G
Love the wine glasses (love the wine too, ha). Great articles. I am so proud of you. Just wished I could have been at your concert. When the Children Come Home...made me cry. I see a video in the future...
Well, this is VERY cool, Ms. Ghastly. I love the wine glasses. I wish I could hear some of the music. How was the party? Ms. Nutso
hiiiiiiiiiiii moooooma! love you! thank you for letting me be a part of your new album! :) p.s. fireflies is my new favorite!
I love your pictures. I also like the blue wine glass motif as your wallpaper.
Just finished reading the article in the Mt.Vernon news. Congratulations to both you and Meredith. Bonnie Tell Dr. Reed hello for me.
Nicely done Sarah- very fun and i luv the pic- those eyes are to die for!!!
Sarah, this is wonderful just like you. Why the blue color?
Adore! Adore! Adore! I see what you mean about the web site motif. I have a hard time seeing any part of you as messy--external or internal. Hugs, Ruth

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