Lots of things going on with podcasts!  

The American Story by Christopher Flannery is now live - some of the background music (violin and guitar) was done by Alayne Wegner and myself. The stories are inspiring and thought-provoking - Christopher Flannery's voice is a delight to listen to!

Hilltown Family Variety Show has featured two of my songs on their weekly podcasts.  The music is fun and folky (but not always) and perfect for all ages -= particularly good for families to gather around and listen to.  Granted, that can be a hard thing to accomplish these days but well worth it!! Visit this website to find out more.

I just returned from the Swannanoa Gathering and had a wonderful time with John Gorka, Don Henry, Amy Speace, Peter Mulvey and many others!   Soon to come - some videos from the Rialto Theatre with Kerry Kean (as Goslee Reed and Kean), and with Rock Salt and Nails.  

The American Story podcasts are finished and will be live in September - more to follow.

The final Summer Music Garden concert is August 11 - I rehearsed with Kare Strong while at Swannanoa and we are ready for her wonderful show in the Children's Garden behind the Knox County Career Center. See you Sunday from 4-6 pm!

I have been working on providing some of the music for a podcast of American Stories.  My friend and fellow musician, Alayne Wegner, and I are recording some traditional American folk songs on guitar and violin, so violin duets of hymns, and some original music to be used in these podcasts which are written and performed by Christopher Flannery, at the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University.  We are hoping these will be ready for the July 4th holiday!

My song "Yellowbud" will be featured on the next Acoustic Rainbow CD which is mailed to 500+ radio stations! This makes me very happy, and makes my granddaughter do a little dance, since the song is one I wrote for her.

My duo with Kerry Kean has been busy the past few summers playing in lovely outdoor venues.  Out favorite is not exactly outdoors - rather it is inside an old stone chapel called Quarry Chapel in Gambier, Ohio.  We like it so much we recorded our CD there a few years ago.  This past fall we recorded a few new original songs there and now have a CD of all our own tunes, plus a fiddle tune in the public domain.  This CD, cleverly titled Goslee Reed & Kean, is now available from CD Baby, iTunes and all those wonderful on line places!!  Plus you can get yourself a copy when you see us next....check the schedule!

So much has been happening in my home town of Mount Vernon lately - the biggest thing is the opening of the Woodward Opera House.  This historic gem was built in 1853 and has been restored to the 1880's look.  The main hall seats almost 500 people, and there are two smaller theaters in the adjacent building (the annex) that each seat 125-150 - one is a black box and will host our new Living Room Series.  The various facilities can be rented for weddings, parties and business functions.  Be sure to visit their website.


What a surprise to receive this Lifetime Achievement Award at the Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival!!


I am excited to be attending two songwriting events this year - one in February: Ten Pound Fiddle Red Cedar Songwriting Festival in East Lansing, Michigan with Jamie-Sue Seal, John Latini and Jonathan Kingham, and the other Camp Ned in Nederland Colorado, with Darryl Purpose.  Can't wait for either of these!!

Also coming up will be the fourth year of the Summer Music Garden concert series in Mount Vernon - this has been such a fun series to put together each year.  We are just planning the dates and performers, so stayed tuned.  Check out the website www.summermusicgarden.com or find us on Facebook as well.

Stay tuned for more info on new recordings too!

The Heritage Singers are an a capella group directed by Marty and Joe Bell.  We perform a variety of songs - from hymns to pop and in between.  Recently, Cliff Davis, a composer and arranger in the group, arranged my song "Feed the Right Wolf" for us to sing.  It comes on as soon as my website starts up (you are probably hearing it now).  Such a treat to hear my song in this new version!  We are performing in the Quarry Chapel, a Civil War era building in Gambier, Ohio - what fabulous acoustics!  Watch the calendar for our next concert some time in December.

A piece was done on NPR about Songfest at Camp Nuhop - it aired on July 3, 2014 on WKSU from Kent, Ohio.  Here is a link to the piece - it is so wonderful how it finishes with two whole minutes of me singing to the campers!! 


4 days ago ... This weekend, campers will fold their tents, say their goodbyes and reluctantly leave Camp Nuhop. The residential summer camp deep in the ...


I am happy to announce that the upcoming Summer Concert Series received a grant from the Ariel Foundation and will occur on three Sundays in the summer of 2013.  The concerts are free and will take place in the Children's Garden at the Knox County Career Center.  Bring a picnic supper, awn chair or blanket, the entire family and friends from 4-6 pm for live music and a splendid taste of nature.  Each concert will include a fun science activity from the Science Play-Space Initiative, otherwise known as the SPI Spot.

The dates are:

June 23 - Sarah Goslee Reed and the Firefly Band

July 21 - Miss B. Haven

August 18 - Padula Oblongata

We hope to see lots of support from the community and have this series continue every summer!

Here is the latest info about our group of songwriters - we play once a month on the last Saturday from 7-9 pm at ThePlace@theWoodward in historic downtown Mount Vernon.

And Owl Creek Shall Be Their Name

Mount Vernon – A few months ago, a group of musician/songwriters got together, playing their own songs for each other, and started exploring and developing the material using each other’s talents. In order to share these songs they started a once a month, casual, coffeehouse at ThePlace@TheWoodward (111 S. Main Street in downtown Mount Vernon, Ohio) held on the last Saturday from 7 to 9 PM.

The group has a wide range of musical backgrounds from delta blues to blue grass, folk to rock, country to jazz and have all recorded individually and in various combinations of musicians and in multiple settings. What they bring to the area is a new hybrid of music, not any of the above mentioned styles but something, well, different.

Sarah Goslee Reed, Alison Cline, Noah Shull, Biller Miller, Skip Trask, Mike Petee are the musicians and writers and they invite you to join them on the last Saturday of each month. There is no cost, although donations are accepted and they provide coffee, tea and goodies as well.

The group in various combinations have been casually going through their songs and performing for a few months now and finally decided they should actually call the gathering by a name shorter than all the musicians names, so after going through an amazing number of names that none agreed on, the name used by white settlers for this area, OWL CREEK, was recently chosen for this new musical congregation in Knox County.

So for those who are the seeking an evening  that is different from the bar scene or movies or just plain staying home, is family and ear friendly, and a refreshing way to kick back after those long week at work, join OWL CREEK and relax.

For more information about OWL CREEK and The Last Saturday Café, visit www.VisitKnoxOhio.org or call 740-392-3018 and thank you to the Ohio Humanities Council and Ariel Foundation for helping to get this idea off the ground.


Here is a link to my new video filmed at the historic Woodward Opera House in Mount Vernon, Ohio.  The song is "The Hole in His Heart" and sales benefit the Memorial Fund for Wes Garrett at Black River Middle School in Sullivan, Ohio.

Starting today you can vote for me for this award from Starliners Radio.  Voting lasts for 5 weeks, but every 2 weeks the two artists with the least votes are eliminated.  Vote today!!  www.starliners.comule.com

My new CD, plenty, has arrived in several boxes.  I have moved them to the kitchen from the garage and am filling orders now.  It will be on CD Baby, iTunes, etc soon but for the moment is available only through the mail.  Send me an email and I will get one to you.  Here is the scoop:

plenty ~ the 2012 new CD from Sarah Goslee Reed ~  These songs could be called my take on our economic times, but more importantly address the differences between needs and wants that confuse us and throw our lives into chaos.   One of these songs, “All Living Things”, was written by a group of first graders - such wisdom and sensibility in their words!  Another is about the planting of some 7,000 trees in a local arboretum.  What could be better than to plant a tree?  

But the song that is most special is one I wrote in response to the loss of a dear friend’s grandson.   Dedicated to Wesley Garrett and his loving family, a portion of each sale goes to the Wesley Garrett Memorial Fund at Black River Middle School in Sullivan, Ohio to support children’s mental health programs.  There was an emptiness in Wes that no one knew was there until it was too late to fill it.  May the song “The Hole in His Heart”, as well as another called “The Piano”, remind us to get close to each other, to talk, to love, to distinguish wants from needs, and to recognize the plenty that we all have.  

 Thank you for ordering this CD ~ please remit $20 plus $1.50 S/H to
    Sarah Goslee Reed, 1102 New Gambier Rd., Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Thank you to all who voted for me for this Indie Award from Starliners Radio - visit their website often!

plenty, n. sufficiency, abundance, profusion, amplitude.  

Something is in the works….The CD “Plenty” is a cornucopia of songs celebrating the positive in life, featuring tunes about the garden, the mystery of a large oak table, a piano, a neon sign….and a wolf.  I am joined on the CD by Tom Martin on bass, Skip Trask on drums, and by some surprise guests too!  Look for this in the fall......

Yep, I have a band!  I am so excited to announce that Tom Martin and Skip Trask are adding their amazing talents to my music!  Tom's lyrical bass and Skip's smooth rhythm take my songs to a whole new place!  We are debuting the sound at the Red Kettle Cafe in August - check the calendar for dates!

If you are a wedding photographer looking for a great song to go with a video, I have the song for you!  The Circle of Hands, available as a single on CD Baby, is also available for a one time licensing fee for video productions.  I have had several photographers ask for it so it is now a reality instead of a possibility.  Just send me an email!

Starliners Radio in the Netherlands has four of my tunes on the air this week!  Visit www.starliners.net to hear more!

I have some new songs available online at CD Baby - be sure to check the products page for links! First, a CD from the mid 90's, Cowboy on the Highway, is now available at CD Baby, as well as two singles. Here is what Jack has to say about this CD: 

"After listening to your music, I feel I can call you by your first name.  
You have a way of relating to your audience such that you become
part of our circle of friends. Today I was rummaging through
the used CDs at our local Goodwill and bought 8 or 10 in hopes of
finding a few winners. Usually I find 1 or 2 classical Cds, a few vocals
or instrumentals I enjoy among mostly junk. What I found today was
"Cowboy On The Highway". It was a jewel among my purchases
and the only one I played all the way through, repeatedly
You can bet it won't find it's way back to Goodwill! It's going on my
mp3 player and CPU hard drive. Thank you for sharing your talent.
The next CD of yours I get, and there will be a next one,
will come from a music store or on line


The singles are Mystery, a song about a beautiful hand made oak table that has been in our family for 40 years.  This table now sits in my kitchen, yet no one in the family knows much about the making of it or other similar furniture that came to us when my dad bought a cottage in the woods years ago.  There is no one to ask...hence the speculation and the mystery.....

The second single is called The Circle of Hands and is about two families joining together as a couple is married.  Written for the occasion of my daughter's marriage, this song is non-specific as far as names go, so it can be used for any ceremony where two people join hands and therefore join families.  The circle of hands surrounds them and holds them close as their journey begins. 

Check out the blog from Camp Nuhop and learn more about this camp - http://campnuhop.wordpress.com/
Pleasant Street Elementary School students spent the past several months working on a song writing project with me as an artist-in-residence.  Working with students during their music class, music teacher Laura Ackert's students were encouraged to brainstorm ideas for song titles.  Formerly the music teacher at Dan Emmett Elementary, Laura said "last year my students and I worked with Sarah writing songs about science.  The project was so much fun and so successful that I was really eager to work with Sarah again.  I wanted to try and recreate the experience with my new students."   Incorporating the state standards in Language Arts, students made lists of potential song titles.   From the chosen song titles, the students shaped the story of the songs and created a chorus while Laura and I took notes on big rolls of paper which could be rolled up and brought back out for further use when fine tuning the writing.  I said, "This beats using the chalkboard and frantically copying and erasing before the next group comes in!"  The original tunes seemed to emerge from the words the children wrote, as did the stories.  Many of the ideas were related to life at school and "School Rocks!" became the title of the project.       The fifth grade wrote the song "What's This Doing Here?' about their messy desks, lockers and backpacks while the second grade generated a clever song called "Antonym Land", bringing to life knowledge they have gained this year about synonyms and antonyms.  "The Mysterious Case of the Missing Homework" is a story the third grade wrote about "Detective Sherlock Homework" leading the search for a missing assignment.  The Kindergarten classes wrote a new version of the ABC song using words that start with each letter of the alphabet.  Two other songs take place after the school is closed for the night following a story line similar to the movie "A Night at the Museum."  "After Hours", the song the fourth grade wrote, imagines the equipment and supplies in the music room, art room and gym coming to life at night after the kids go home and the first grade's song imagines their favorite story book characters coming to life in "The Library." Every student in the school was involved in the writing, learning and recording of the album.  Fifth grade students Fredi Bockover, Jenna Williams and Jacob Grimes designed the covers and label for the CDs.  Several songs feature percussion instruments played by students and 4th grade teacher, Jim Thayer, added percussion on "After Hours."  Principal Karen Boylan can even be heard on one of the songs.  "School Rocks!" is available for $5 through me by emailing me or through Brian Ackert's website listed on my links page (web.mac.com/backert/music) It is also available at Paragraph's Book Store on South Main St. in Mount Vernon, Ohio.
Greetings to the new decade! I have been frequenting the wonderful Vino Where You Live wine-tasting place in Mount Vernon - check out their web page www.vinowhereyoulive.com for details and look for me to be playing music there again soon! Also, there are some exciting things happening at Pleasant Street Elementary School - thanks to music teacher extraordinaire, Laura Ackert, the entire school is writing songs with me, just as we did last year at Dan Emmett Elementary. Watch for exciting details soon :)
Join me for some fun Friday evenings in Gambier, Ohio at the Village Inn - otherwise known as the VI - come for food and drinks and good music, starting Friday November 6. Also on for the evening will be a folk trio from Kenyon College. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year's end and into 2010.
The CD is READY!!!!!!!!!!! For purchase, send me an email - $20 each plus $2.50 S/H
Songfest, a new CD of music from the Camp Nuhop Songfest celebrations is available as of June 1, 2009. This CD features 24 songs and is the complete version of my performances at Camp Nuhop over the past 18 years. $5 of each sale goes to the Endowment Fund in Jerry Dunlap's memory. Email me to order a CD. Also visit www.campnuhop.org to find out about this wonderful camp experience for children with special needs.
Here is what people are saying about the songwriting project from Dan Emmett Elementary: "The love of music that you have instilled in the students at DE are immeasurable. Thank you for spreading and sharing your amazing talents and love of music with the students in our district. I would be honored to purchase a CD of your recorded music." "Thank you for a wonderful presentation. I was telling my research assistant about it this morning. The song was delightful!" Visit this website for pictures and more details web.mac.com/backert/music CDs can be ordered from the above website and are available at Paragrahps Bookstore in Mount Vernon, Ohio.
The new CD is available! Complete with children's cover art and their wonderful singing! If you would like a copy, send me an email. This CD is $5 and proceeds go to the Dan Emmett Elementary in Mount Vernon, Ohio. It is fun to listen to their earnest voices and is a real pick me up in these drab economic times!
I am working on compiling a CD of all the songs I have sung over the years at Camp Nuhop Songfest. This CD will be in memory of Jerry Dunlap, the founder and former director of the camp, who passed away June, 2008. The CD will be available this summer, and will sell for $20 a piece, $5 of which will go to a fund in Jerry's honor. For more info, drop me an email at sarah@sarahgosleereed.com
Songwriting at Dan Emmett Elementary A very exciting songwriting adventure is taking place at Dan Emmett Elementary School in Mount Vernon, Ohio. I am working with the music teacher, Laura Ackert, and we are writing a song with each grade level. The students brainstormed ideas; Laura and I studied them, and we noticed there were many about animals, nature, the environment, etc. This seemed like a great theme to pursue, and the topics that they had chosen all relate to something that each grade learns in science!! Wow! The songs range from what kinds of animals live in Ohio to the life cycles of a tree and a duck-billed platypus. There is a great song about the chemistry of water called “It’s Messy at the Melting Point”, a song about Gravity and one about “The Three New R’s” as in Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, as opposed to “reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic”. Once the students learn the songs, we will record them onto a CD. There is a contest going on now for the cover design, and when it is completely finished, we will celebrate with a school concert and have each grade sing their composition. CDs will be for sale for $5 each, and a portion of the sales benefits the school. Great fundraiser!!
As far as the Christmas Cards from Dad show goes....this would work well with kids and families...we would sing some songs and then design a special card. A card is like a song - it needs to tell a story and it should include something of "you" in it. Thus, everyone attending would bring a special item to incorporate into the card - other supplies will be included by the artist (that would be me!) Suggestions to bring are: pictures, drawings, ribbon, yarn, small trinkets, etc. Be creative!!!
My new show is popular at this time of year as we move in to holiday mode. Think about friends you want to keep in touch with, and celebrate that feeling with songs and stories of my dad's Christmas card making. You will see the old black and white photographic cards he used to make without the use of Photo Shop! It is full of stories, heartwarming songs, and inspiration and will create a holiday feeling.
In celebration of Earth Day, here are the lyrics to Earthsong, written by 2nd and 3rd graders for the 20th anniversary of Earth Day. I think Earth Day gets more important every year!! EARTHSONG by Sarah Goslee Reed and Jo Portzline's 1990 class at East School, Mount Vernon, Ohio Let's go fishin' where it's clean; We can walk along beside the stream. When we get tired, we'll ride a horse. Or we might take our bikes of course. Let the insects protect the plants: We don't need pesticides to kill the ants. We like those spiders and ladybugs Even though it's hard to give them hugs. CHORUS: Oh give me bees (bees, bees) in flowers and trees (trees, trees) A mountain stream (stream, stream) bubbling clean (clean, clean) There will be no zone without the ozone We've got to keep the earth healthy. When we are walkin' we pick up cans; When we get home we wash our hands. And on our bikes though it makes us pant, We take them all to the recycling plant. When we play outside we like the air To be squeaky clean, not merely fair. We want those songbirds up in the sky To have a peaceful place to fly. CHORUS: Oh give me bees (bees, bees) in flowers and trees (trees, trees) A mountain stream (stream, stream) bubbling clean (clean, clean) There will be no zone without the ozone We've got to keep the earth healthy. Stories we read and write because it's fun. We illustrate them, too, and when we're done, We use the front and back of every piece, So we don't waste paper, so we don't waste trees. Each tree is special, no creature's too small. To keep our earth green we need them all. The plants need animals, animals need plants, For we are all earth's inhabitants. CHORUS: Oh give me bees (bees, bees) in flowers and trees (trees, trees) A mountain stream (stream, stream) bubbling clean (clean, clean) There will be no zone without the ozone We've got to keep the earth healthy.
You can now download mp3 files of my songs through CD Baby - just go to the cdbaby site on my links page and see for yourself! Thanks!!
A great opportunity to hear and vote on new songs from independent artists exists through Monstervox. You can vote on songs you like best to help the artist with his or her ratings. Check out monstervox.com right away!!
Are you tired of your ringtones? or maybe you would just like something new and different? Well, if so, you can now download three of my songs! Simply go to the links page of my website and click on one of the Myxer Tones. There are three songs available: White Picket Fences, Fireflies, or Smilin' on Me Have fun and enjoy!
Good things are happening at Seattles in Wooster and at the Amish Oak Furniture Stores in Pataskala and Loudonville...check my calendar for dates! Songwriting in the schools is taking off too - St. Peter in Chains in Hamilton, Ohio and soon Dan Emmett Elementary in Mount Vernon..keep posted for the details!
You can find my CD at the Blossom Gift Shop at Blossom Music Center and after the orchestra returns to Severance Hall, the CD will be available in the Cleveland Orchestra Gift Shop at Severance Hall. Isn't that exciting??
Hi everyone - if you sign up for my email list, then I can let you know about upcoming concerts and things! Don't worry, I won't send you any junk mail...also please make a comment if you feel so inclined, but let me know who you are! Thanks!!
You can find my new CD, It's About Time, in some stores in Mount Vernon, Ohio: ~ Paragraphs Book Store, 105 S. Main St., and The Pink Cupcake, 109 S. Main St. You can also come to the new location of Craftsman Hill Fibers at 19785 Nunda Rd., Danville, OH. Or visit The Weather Vane in Gambier, OH near the beautiful campus of Kenyon College.
Now available through CD Baby, "It's About Time" - Sarah's newest CD is a tribute to her dad, George Goslee, former principal bassoonist with the Cleveland Orchestra. This recording features many new original songs, as well as one written and sung by her daughter, Meredith. In addition, her father's bassoon makes a "guest appearance", with a selection from a previous CD.

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