Plant A Little Seed

by Prairie Orchid

Released 2003
Released 2003
This award-winning female duo presents a second CD of folk music for children and families - the vocal harmony is sweet and true, accompanied by a variety of stringed instruments such as guitar, banjo, violin and dobro.
Sarah Goslee Reed and Lisa Hill Biales grew up playing and listening to very different kinds of music, and each of them discovered a desire to sing and express herself through the kind of personal song that comes from within. After meeting in 1991, the two formed Prairie Orchid. In the many years since then, they have entertained thousands with their musical tales of childhood, parenthood, love, and change. Whether entertaining children in a school auditorium …
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Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah and Pleasant St. Elementary Kids


The Mysterious Case of the Missing Homework by Third Grade, Pleasant St., 1/10

    I did it! I wrote it! I promise it was there!
    But my homework’s missing, it’s not anywhere!

Almost every day homework gets assigned
I turn it in the next day so I won’t get behind
I can’t find my homework and I don’t have a clue
I’ll call up a detective and he’ll know what to do

Here I am to help you!  Sherlock Homework is my name!
Was it math or science, was your dog to blame?
Did you flush it down the toilet or leave it at someone’s house?
Was it covered up with ketchup or chewed up by a mouse?
Does your mom have it?  Did it sprout legs and run away?
Is it in somebody’s stomach?  Should we order an X-ray?
Perhaps it’s in your book bag, or maybe still at school?
Did you cut it up with scissors and drop it in the pool?
Is it inside your agenda or maybe in mom’s purse?
Did the baby spit up on it? OOOH what could be worse?
 Maybe a magician made it disappear
Did he put it in your pocket or maybe in your ear?

Maybe someone stole it or mailed it away
To Africa or Asia far from the USA
Could it be under a mattress or Abe Lincoln’s hat?
Perhaps it went through the wash, did you think of that?

“No” I said to all his questions, “now what can we do?”
Sherlock came to school with me to look around my room
He talked to the teacher who said, “You silly kid!”
“You gave it to me yesterday, no need to flip your lid!”

    I did it! I wrote it! I knew that it was done!
    My teacher had it all along, now I’l go have some fun!

Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah and Pleasant St. Elementary Kids


What happens at night in the library?  This song incorporates as many characters as the children could think of.


The Library by First Grade, Pleasant St., 1/10

    The library, the library when we go home and we can’t see
    What happens in the library, the library when we go home and we can’t see
Curious George was having a snack when he met up with the Cat in the Hat
Who made all the books come tumbling down, soon all their friends were clowning around

Cinderella was planning a ball, the engine that could chugged out in the hall
Little Red Riding Hood was handing out treats, Sleeping Beauty was asleep

Rainbow Fish was swimming in the sink, Harold’s purple crayon ran out of ink
The Hungry Caterpillar wanted more to eat, Sleeping Beauty was sound asleep

The Little Red Hen was baking some bread, the Three Little Pigs were building a shed
The Big Bad Wolf was admiring his teeth, Sleeping Beauty was snoring in her sleep

Winnie the Pooh stuck his head in a jar, Dorothy and Toto didn’t get far
Amelia Bedelia was all mixed up, Sleeping Beauty would not wake up

Max made a mess and Ruby cleaned up, Goldilocks had porridge in a cup
Clifford stomped his feet and started to shake, Sleeping Beauty was wide awake!

She said, “Hey there, it’s almost day!  Time to put ourselves away!”
Peter and Tink worked their magic and then, all was normal again.

Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah and Pleasant St. Elementary Kids


It is amazing (and somewhat frightening) what you can find in a fifth graders' desk, locker or backpack!! 


What’s This Doing Here? By Fifth Grade, Pleasant St., 1/10

    What’s this doing here? I should take this home
    Mom’s asked me for days wondering where it’s gone
    What’s this doing here? It could become compost!
    Maybe I should throw it out - this is really gross!!

I reached inside my messy desk to grab my science book
Instead I found a wad of gum - I don’t even want to look
I reached in further and pulled out a piece of moldy toast
The teacher’s wig and sunglasses. I turned white as a ghost
When Bailey stuck his head in there and let out a girlish scream (AAHHH)
He found the nest of my pet rat and said, “Josie, it’s time to clean.”
Some bitten off erasers, sweaty gym shoes and a shirt
The principal’s black panther, she will really go berserk!


I looked into my backpack and began to squirm
A dusty dried out toothbrush and a box of worms
I heard my cell phone ringing and had to find it fast
My hand felt something furry and I pulled out a cat
Underneath all that I found some pizza that was green
A squished up candy bar and a pair of old blue jeans
Next was baby brother and some underwear
The principal’s black laptop - how did THAT get there??


I opened up my locker searching for my coat
What I found surprised me - there was mom’s meatloaf!
Way down in the bottom I spied some soggy fries
And there was last week’s homework, right before my eyes.
I started going through this stuff and found a Christmas wreath
Stuck to it was a stinky sock and Grandma’s missing teeth
Half eaten yogurt and a purple cow
The principal’s blackberry, I’m in trouble now!!


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